It’s time to put the AWNA’s eTearsheeting program into full gear. That means, effective immediately, we no longer need your paper to mail paper tearsheets to our office each week for your AWNA insertions.

Instead of paper tearsheets we require:

[1] You must be sure to upload your AWSOM fi les within 24 hours of publication. (This is required by membership bylaw #3-J – Criteria for Regular Membership) If your paper closes down for a holiday week please upload before you leave!

[2] Mail promptly TWO (2) intact copies of your newspaper each week. (For each edition, if you publish more than once a week). You can save yourself some postage by sending only your AWNA member newspaper. Don’t worry about including fl yers or supplements from outside sources. If you have any questions about what needs to be included, you can check with Callie Hickey at our front desk. ( or 780-434-8746 )

Why do we need 2 copies of the paper? We have a few customers that still require paper copies of your tearsheets and we’ll use one copy to provide those paper tearsheets The other copy is used to check the quality of every colour ad and every rasterized ad. We want our advertising clients to have complete confidence that the digital tearsheets we send them accurately reflect what appeared in print.

In a nutshell, in exchange for two copies of each of your papers, and PROMPT file uploads to AWSOM, you no longer have to mail in individual paper tearsheets.

Please note: for flyer insertion orders we do still require an invoice mailed in that includes the date the flyer ran, and the number of copies inserted.

Any questions? You may contact

Melody, ONE System Tearsheeting Coordinator

Posted by AWNA - KUTD