Following is an update from AWNA Advertising Director Patrick Lessard on his recent activities. 
I would like to share details of recent sales activity from the AWNA central office. Our sales office continues in its efforts to promote and pitch advertising solutions to new and existing clients both through ad agencies and direct customers.
We are encouraged by the level of direct client business and continue to see growth in this area.  However, agency business continues to be a struggle for the association. Despite all efforts to make revenue gains, a soft economy has greatly hampered our ability to get national advertising support into as many member newspapers as we once did.  
As a result, we are looking into creating additional multi-paper incentives that would encourage greater support and ad placement in more titles.
Auto Survey
A survey has just been sent out to members detailing what the AWNA sees as an opportunity for Chrysler to reinvest back into community newspapers. Chrysler has identified Auto Features as their only print media-buying objective, and would reconsider ad placement in newspapers that can offer this service. Please take a moment to review the survey and kindly respond back no later than Wednesday, March 15th.   The information collected will be used in a presentation to the Alberta Chrysler DA for review.
Provincial Government
The AWNA continues to pitch different levels of the provincial government, advocating the need for more newspaper advertising. This is not always an easy task with different government agendas in place. Fortunately we are seeing a slight improvement over the next few months as different ministries are using print again through small campaigns to promote their programs. Unfortunately, in most cases their current messaging only targets select areas of the province not reaching all member newspapers.
A province wide print campaign promoting the new provincial Carbon Tax was set to start at the end of January, as part of their Phase Two initiative. However, due to shifting strategies once again, the province has decided to move their print messaging into Phase Three. An update will be sent out to members once a new launch date has been determined.
Agriculture Safety Week
The AWNA was successful in securing close to $30,000 in revenue, (additional revenue still pending,) in member newspapers that are publishing an Ag Safety week section (March 12-19).

Posted by Julie Anne McRae