Justin Marshall, press secretary for Municipal Affairs Minister Tracy Allard, heard from a few members that were frustrated about the two press conferences held last week – one for the provincial media in general and a second one exclusively for community weeklies.  Why not just one for all members of the media, they asked?
Some of our members are on the Alberta Government media list, therefore received invitations to both sessions.  We understand that several members took in both press conferences.
Members are invited to register for the Alberta Government media list, should they wish to receive these invitations in future for press conferences in general.  If registered, you will be invited to all conferences on everything.  To sign up, click on the link below.
 Sign up for Alberta Government media list
We regret that the Minister’s time with us was cut short due to unforeseen delays.  The original intent was to more or less replicate the Minister’s announcement at both sessions, but she was forced to provide a Coles notes version on the fly due to the pressure of having to attend a subsequent meeting.
Our intent is to continue to set up press conferences exclusively for our members when it is an issue that is of great concern to community newspaper readers.  The reason we want to do that is to maintain our direct connections to MLA’s, cabinet ministers and the Premier.  In some instances, these sessions are indeed exclusive, and not repeated for the general media.  We hope that you continue to support us in this endeavour

Posted by Dennis