Friday, May 28 – 1:30 p.m. Alberta time.

1) We’re using the platform “Microsoft Teams”.   You may join online through your browser, or you may download the Teams meeting software.   We’ve tested both. 🙂   You’ll be prompted to select one of those methods when you click the link to the meeting. There’s even an app for your phone too if you prefer.

2) When you log in you’ll have a field to type in your name.  Please include your newspaper name too, so other participants will know where you are from.

3) When the meeting begins you’ll have a tool bar near the bottom of the window. From there you can turn on/off your camera and microphone. Please mute your microphone if you are not speaking, it helps avoid background noise.  

If you do want to chat beforehand (and you’re more than welcome to!) please try to not be in an echo-y room, we’ve had some sound feedback problems caused by that combined with the slight lag that there always seems to be online.

4) In that same tool bar, locate the Chat button.  Feel free to text chat during the presentation – offer your congratulations – send GIFs and emojis.  Have fun! 

Posted by Julie Anne McRae