Deadlines for entries: January 31, 2022

For information about the categories

And here’s a checklist you can print out to help walk you through all the pieces, so you’ll not miss out on any of the competitions.

Online entry system

The online competition site open and ready for 2021 entries.

Uploading Tips to think about ahead of time

  • If your entry contains jumps combine your PDFs into a multiple-page PDF file to make it easier for the judge to read.
  • Allowable files types are pdf and jpg.

File Size concerns

  1. Please save your PDFs as “Reduced File Size” so the judges don’t have to download excessively large files. The form itself limits files to 20MB, but as a general rule PDFs of tabloid newspaper pages rarely need to be larger than 2 or 3 MB. Saving them as Reduced File Size will save you working time (and us too!)
  2. For photos, they need not be any larger than 1500 pixels wide or 1500 deep, at 72 dpi. We will employ a plugin that will reduce files that are too large, however, you’ll save yourself working time if you resize them yourself. And I know we say it a lot, but I’ll add it here again – be sure to CROP your photos so they are the same as how they appeared in print. Show the judge just what you showed your readers.


There are a couple competitions that can’t be submitted online, here are their entry forms to mail in with your entry

(Everything is pretty much on that form, but if you want to read it online first here is that info General Excellence requirements)

Deadlines for entries: January 31, 2022

Entries open to all AWNA members in good standing.