The final stage in the AWSOM upgrade process started Friday afternoon, and by now all the domain servers around the planet should be using the new server address. If your computer is still seeing the ‘old’ interface, try refreshing your browser. If you know how to reset your DNS cache you can try that too. If not, don’t worry, the new address will reset on your machine soon enough.

All information that we’ve received via the Colormax system has been transferred over to your subscription account. You now have complete control over your subscribers – to renew them, to deactivate them, to collect payment.
You must remember to change the link on your web site to the address provided by the AWSOM Admin team over the last few weeks. You can find that info again here on the Subscribe page

The longest part of the process is backfilling the PDFs from the Colormax system to the new servers. All members should have all 2011 issues, nearly all members should have all of 2010 by now. We’ll continue to run the automated function until it’s all caught up. If you notice an unexpected gap, please send us an email with the missing issue date

Posted by Julie Anne McRae