The AWNA central office was asked by Andrew Powell, IT Manager for Newspapers Canada to distribute this information to our members. We’ve attached to the bottom of this post the different versions of the Newspapers Canada logo he has provided.

Hi everyone,
We’ve noticed that some websites are still using the old Canadian Community Newspapers Association logo and wanted to send you the updated one to use in your materials and online.
As you know, the CCNA is now operating under the name Newspapers Canada, and as such the old logo should not be used. Likewise, links to our website should be pointed to .
Please pass this email on to anyone in your office who may need these files or information.
Also, please note that I’ve attached a few different versions of the logo:

  1. Newspapers-Canada_Eng_TAGLINE and Newspapers-Canada_Eng_JUST_NAME, which I’ve provided as an EPS and PDF, are meant for use when the logo is being rendered large.
  2. Newspapers-Canada-SMALL_Eng_TAGLINE and Newspapers-Canada-SMALL_Eng_JUST_NAME are meant for use when the logo is rendered small, as on websites, or in print materials where the logo needs to be postage-stamp size.

Just so you know, the reason for the two sizes of logos is so that the text is more readable when it is reduced in size.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
W. Andrew Powell |IT Manager | Responsable des TI
890 Yonge St. Suite 200 | Toronto | Ontario M4W 3P4 | 416.923.3567

Link to Folder (8 files)

Newspapers-Canada_Eng_JUST NAME.eps
Newspapers-Canada_Eng_JUST NAME.eps

Posted by Julie Anne McRae