A notice of the upcoming annual general meeting and a proxy form, are attached.

This year’s meeting will be held ONLINE on Thursday, October 1, 2020 at 1:30 pm.

Here is the link to the meeting:

Some tips and things we learned from our Awards Presentations

  • Please be mindful of the sound quality of your environment.  If you are in a large and/or echoing room your speakers will cause some unpleasant feedback.   It is generally better experience to call in from a smaller room, and to keep your microphone on Mute until you wish to speak, to avoid background noise
  • Please sign in a few minutes ahead of time so we can get things moving quickly and efficiently.
  1. We’re using the platform “Microsoft Teams”.   You may join online through your browser, or you may download the Teams meeting software.   We’ve tested both.    You’ll be prompted to select one of those methods when you click the link to the meeting. There’s even an app for your phone too if you prefer.
  2. When you sign in you’ll be shown a field in which to type your name.  Please include your newspaper name too, so other participants will know where you are from.
  3. When the meeting begins you’ll have a tool bar near the bottom of the window. From there you can turn on/off your camera and microphone. Please mute your microphone if you are not speaking, it helps avoid background noise.  
  4. In that same tool bar, locate the Chat button.  Feel free to chat during the presentation.

Please confirm your attendance. You will be notified as to how many voting cards you have. If you need to appoint a proxy, please fill out the attached proxy card. Email a copy to Maurizia – maurizia@awna.com – one to the proxy holder and retain one for your records.

Please reply to confirm your attendance to Maurizia NO LATER than Thursday, September 24.


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